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oCorg.bukkit.AchievementRepresents an achievement, which may be given to players
oCorg.bukkit.ArtRepresents the art on a painting
oCorg.bukkit.BanEntryA single entry from a ban list
oCorg.bukkit.BanListA ban list, containing bans of some Type
oCorg.bukkit.block.BiomeHolds all accepted Biomes in the default server
oCorg.bukkit.generator.ChunkGenerator.BiomeGridInterface to biome data for chunk to be generated: initialized with default values for world type and seed
oCorg.bukkit.BlockChangeDelegateA delegate for handling block changes
oCorg.bukkit.block.BlockFaceRepresents the face of a block
oCorg.bukkit.generator.BlockPopulatorA block populator is responsible for generating a small area of blocks
oCorg.bukkit.FireworkEffect.BuilderThis is a builder for FireworkEffects
oCorg.bukkit.BukkitRepresents the Bukkit core, for version and Server singleton handling
oCorg.bukkit.scheduler.BukkitTaskRepresents a task being executed by the scheduler
oCorg.bukkit.scheduler.BukkitWorkerRepresents a worker thread for the scheduler
oCorg.bukkit.util.CachedServerIconThis is a cached version of a server-icon
oCorg.bukkit.metadata.LazyMetadataValue.CacheStrategyDescribes possible caching strategies for metadata
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapFont.CharacterSpriteRepresents the graphics for a single character in a MapFont
oCorg.bukkit.ChatColorAll supported color values for chat
oCorg.bukkit.util.ChatPaginatorThe ChatPaginator takes a raw string of arbitrary length and breaks it down into an array of strings appropriate for displaying on the Minecraft player console
oCorg.bukkit.ChunkRepresents a chunk of blocks
oCorg.bukkit.generator.ChunkGeneratorA chunk generator is responsible for the initial shaping of an entire chunk
oCorg.bukkit.ChunkSnapshotRepresents a static, thread-safe snapshot of chunk of blocks
oCorg.bukkit.event.inventory.ClickTypeWhat the client did to trigger this action (not the result)
oCorg.bukkit.CoalTypeRepresents the two types of coal
oCorg.bukkit.entity.Horse.ColorRepresents the base color that the horse has
oCorg.bukkit.material.ColorableAn object that can be colored
oCorg.bukkit.command.CommandRepresents a Command, which executes various tasks upon user input
oCorg.bukkit.command.CommandExecutorRepresents a class which contains a single method for executing commands
oCorg.bukkit.configuration.ConfigurationOptionsVarious settings for controlling the input and output of a Configuration
oCorg.bukkit.configuration.ConfigurationSectionRepresents a section of a Configuration
oCorg.bukkit.configuration.serialization.ConfigurationSerializableRepresents an object that may be serialized
oCorg.bukkit.configuration.serialization.ConfigurationSerializationUtility class for storing and retrieving classes for Configuration
oCorg.bukkit.conversations.ConversableThe Conversable interface is used to indicate objects that can have conversations
oCorg.bukkit.conversations.ConversationThe Conversation class is responsible for tracking the current state of a conversation, displaying prompts to the user, and dispatching the user's response to the appropriate place
oCorg.bukkit.conversations.ConversationContextA ConversationContext provides continuity between nodes in the prompt graph by giving the developer access to the subject of the conversation and a generic map for storing values that are shared between all Prompt invocations
oCorg.bukkit.conversations.ConversationFactoryA ConversationFactory is responsible for creating a Conversation from a predefined template
oCorg.bukkit.conversations.ConversationPrefixA ConversationPrefix implementation prepends all output from the conversation to the player
oCorg.bukkit.event.world.PortalCreateEvent.CreateReasonAn enum to specify the various reasons for a portal's creation
oCorg.bukkit.entity.CreatureTypeRepresents a type of creature
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.CriteriasCriteria names which trigger an objective to be modified by actions in-game
oCorg.bukkit.CropStateRepresents the different growth states of crops
oCorg.bukkit.event.entity.EntityDamageEvent.DamageCauseAn enum to specify the cause of the damage
oCorg.bukkit.event.entity.EntityDamageEvent.DamageModifierAn enum to specify the types of modifier
oCorg.bukkit.configuration.serialization.DelegateDeserializationApplies to a ConfigurationSerializable that will delegate all deserialization to another ConfigurationSerializable
oCorg.bukkit.DifficultyRepresents the various difficulty levels that are available
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.DisplaySlotLocations for displaying objectives to the player
oCorg.bukkit.event.inventory.DragTypeRepresents the effect of a drag that will be applied to an Inventory in an InventoryDragEvent
oCorg.bukkit.DyeColorAll supported color values for dyes and cloth
oCorg.bukkit.EffectA list of effects that the server is able to send to players
oCorg.bukkit.enchantments.EnchantmentThe various type of enchantments that may be added to armour or weapons
oCorg.bukkit.enchantments.EnchantmentTargetRepresents the applicable target for a Enchantment
oCorg.bukkit.EntityEffectA list of all Effects that can happen to entities
oCorg.bukkit.inventory.EntityEquipmentAn interface to a creatures inventory
oCorg.bukkit.World.EnvironmentRepresents various map environment types that a world may be
oCorg.bukkit.event.EventRepresents an event
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.EventExecutorInterface which defines the class for event call backs to plugins
oCorg.bukkit.event.EventHandlerAn annotation to mark methods as being event handler methods
oCorg.bukkit.event.EventPriorityRepresents an event's priority in execution
oCorg.bukkit.util.FileUtilClass containing file utilities
oCorg.bukkit.GameModeRepresents the various type of game modes that HumanEntitys may have
oCorg.bukkit.GrassSpeciesRepresents the different types of grass
oCorg.bukkit.event.HandlerListA list of event handlers, stored per-event
oCorg.bukkit.help.HelpMapThe HelpMap tracks all help topics registered in a Bukkit server
oCorg.bukkit.help.HelpTopicHelpTopic implementations are displayed to the user when the user uses the /help command
oCorg.bukkit.help.HelpTopicFactory< TCommand extends Command >A HelpTopicFactory is used to create custom HelpTopic objects from commands that inherit from a common base class or have executors that inherit from a common base class
oCorg.bukkit.event.block.BlockIgniteEvent.IgniteCauseAn enum to specify the cause of the ignite
oCorg.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryActionAn estimation of what the result will be
oCorg.bukkit.inventory.InventoryViewRepresents a view linking two inventories and a single player (whose inventory may or may not be one of the two)
oCorg.bukkit.inventory.ItemFactoryAn instance of the ItemFactory can be obtained with Server#getItemFactory()
oCorg.bukkit.event.ListenerSimple interface for tagging all EventListeners
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapCanvasRepresents a canvas for drawing to a map
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapCursorRepresents a cursor on a map
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapCursorCollectionRepresents all the map cursors on a MapCanvas
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapFontRepresents a bitmap font drawable to a map
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapPaletteRepresents the palette that map items use
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapRendererRepresents a renderer for a map
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapViewRepresents a map item
oCorg.bukkit.MaterialAn enum of all material IDs accepted by the official server and client
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.messaging.MessengerA class responsible for managing the registrations of plugin channels and their listeners
oCorg.bukkit.metadata.MetadatableThis interface is implemented by all objects that can provide metadata about themselves
oCorg.bukkit.metadata.MetadataStore< T >
oCorg.bukkit.metadata.MetadataStoreBase< T >
oCorg.bukkit.util.noise.NoiseGeneratorBase class for all noise generators
oCorg.bukkit.NoteA note class to store a specific note
oCorg.bukkit.util.NumberConversionsUtils for casting number types to other number types
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.ObjectiveAn objective on a scoreboard that can show scores specific to entries
oCorg.bukkit.util.noise.OctaveGeneratorCreates noise using unbiased octaves
oCorg.bukkit.permissions.PermissionRepresents a unique permission that may be attached to a Permissible
oCorg.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentHolds information about a permission attachment on a Permissible object
oCorg.bukkit.permissions.PermissionAttachmentInfoHolds information on a permission and which PermissionAttachment provides it
oCorg.bukkit.permissions.PermissionDefaultRepresents the possible default values for permissions
oCorg.bukkit.permissions.PermissionRemovedExecutorRepresents a class which is to be notified when a PermissionAttachment is removed from a Permissible
oCorg.bukkit.event.player.PlayerAnimationTypeDifferent types of player animations
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.PluginAwarenessRepresents a concept that a plugin is aware of
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.messaging.PluginChannelDirectionRepresents the different directions a plugin channel may go
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.PluginDescriptionFileThis type is the runtime-container for the information in the plugin.yml
oCorg.bukkit.command.PluginIdentifiableCommandThis interface is used by the help system to group commands into sub-indexes based on the Plugin they are a part of
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.PluginLoaderRepresents a plugin loader, which handles direct access to specific types of plugins
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.PluginLoadOrderRepresents the order in which a plugin should be initialized and enabled
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.PluginManagerHandles all plugin management from the Server
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.messaging.PluginMessageListenerA listener for a specific Plugin Channel, which will receive notifications of messages sent from a client
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.messaging.PluginMessageListenerRegistrationContains information about a Plugins registration to a plugin channel
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.messaging.PluginMessageRecipientRepresents a possible recipient for a Plugin Message
oCorg.bukkit.PortalTypeRepresents various types of portals that can be made in a world
oCorg.bukkit.potion.PotionRepresents a minecraft potion
oCorg.bukkit.potion.PotionBrewerRepresents a brewer that can create PotionEffects
oCorg.bukkit.potion.PotionEffectTypeRepresents a type of potion and its effect on an entity
oCorg.bukkit.event.entity.CreeperPowerEvent.PowerCauseAn enum to specify the cause of the change in power
oCorg.bukkit.entity.Villager.ProfessionRepresents the various different Villager professions there may be
oCorg.bukkit.projectiles.ProjectileSourceRepresents a valid source of a projectile
oCorg.bukkit.inventory.InventoryView.PropertyRepresents various extra properties of certain inventory windows
oCorg.bukkit.inventory.RecipeRepresents some type of crafting recipe
oCorg.bukkit.material.RedstoneIndicated a Material that may carry or create a Redstone current
oCorg.bukkit.event.entity.EntityRegainHealthEvent.RegainReasonAn enum to specify the type of health regaining that is occurring
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListenerStores relevant information for plugin listeners
oCorg.bukkit.event.hanging.HangingBreakEvent.RemoveCauseAn enum to specify the cause of the removal
oCorg.bukkit.event.painting.PaintingBreakEvent.RemoveCauseAn enum to specify the cause of the removal
oCorg.bukkit.inventory.meta.RepairableRepresents an item that can be repaired at an anvil
oCorg.bukkit.event.player.AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent.ResultBasic kick reasons for communicating to plugins
oCorg.bukkit.event.player.PlayerLoginEvent.ResultBasic kick reasons for communicating to plugins
oCorg.bukkit.event.player.PlayerPreLoginEvent.ResultBasic kick reasons for communicating to plugins
oCorg.bukkit.RotationAn enum to specify a rotation based orientation, like that on a clock
oCorg.bukkit.SandstoneTypeRepresents the three different types of Sandstone
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapView.ScaleAn enum representing all possible scales a map can be set to
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.ScoreA score entry for an entry on an objective
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.ScoreboardA scoreboard
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.ScoreboardManagerManager of Scoreboards
oCorg.bukkit.configuration.serialization.SerializableAsRepresents an "alias" that a ConfigurationSerializable may be stored as
oCorg.bukkit.permissions.ServerOperatorRepresents an object that may become a server operator, such as a Player
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.ServicePriorityRepresents various priorities of a provider
oCorg.bukkit.plugin.ServicesManagerManages services and service providers
oCorg.bukkit.SkullTypeRepresents the different types of skulls
oCorg.bukkit.SoundAn Enum of Sounds the server is able to send to players
oCorg.bukkit.event.entity.CreatureSpawnEvent.SpawnReasonAn enum to specify the type of spawning
oCorg.bukkit.event.player.PlayerFishEvent.StateAn enum to specify the state of the fishing
oCorg.bukkit.StatisticRepresents a countable statistic, which is tracked by the server
oCorg.bukkit.entity.Horse.StyleRepresents the style, or markings, that the horse has
oCorg.bukkit.command.TabCompleterRepresents a class which can suggest tab completions for commands
oCorg.bukkit.event.entity.EntityTargetEvent.TargetReasonAn enum to specify the reason for the targeting
oCorg.bukkit.scoreboard.TeamA team on a scoreboard that has a common display theme and other properties
oCorg.bukkit.Note.ToneAn enum holding tones
oCorg.bukkit.TravelAgentThe Travel Agent handles the creation and the research of Nether and End portals when Entities try to use one
oCorg.bukkit.TreeSpeciesRepresents the different species of trees regardless of size
oCorg.bukkit.TreeTypeTree and organic structure types
oCorg.bukkit.entity.Ocelot.TypeRepresents the various different cat types there are
oCorg.bukkit.FireworkEffect.TypeThe type or shape of the effect
oCorg.bukkit.Effect.TypeRepresents the type of an effect
oCorg.bukkit.Statistic.TypeThe type of statistic
oCorg.bukkit.BanList.TypeRepresents a ban-type that a BanList may track
oCorg.bukkit.map.MapCursor.TypeRepresents the standard types of map cursors
oCorg.bukkit.UnsafeValuesThis interface provides value conversions that may be specific to a runtime, or have arbitrary meaning (read: magic values)
oCorg.bukkit.UtilityThis annotation indicates a method (and sometimes constructor) will chain its internal operations
oCorg.bukkit.entity.Horse.VariantRepresents the different types of horses that may exist
oCorg.bukkit.WarningThis designates the warning state for a specific item
oCorg.bukkit.Warning.WarningStateThis represents the states that server verbose for warnings may be
oCorg.bukkit.WeatherTypeAn enum of all current weather types
oCorg.bukkit.WorldCreatorRepresents various types of options that may be used to create a world
oCorg.bukkit.WorldTypeRepresents various types of worlds that may exist