Uses of Interface

Packages that use Server
org.bukkit More generalized classes in the API. 
org.bukkit.command Classes relating to handling specialized non-chat player input. 
org.bukkit.entity Interfaces for non-voxel objects that can exist in a world, including all players, monsters, projectiles, etc. 
org.bukkit.plugin Classes specifically relating to loading software modules at runtime. Classes for handling plugins written in java. 

Uses of Server in org.bukkit

Methods in org.bukkit that return Server
static Server Bukkit.getServer()
          Gets the current Server singleton

Methods in org.bukkit with parameters of type Server
static void Bukkit.setServer(Server server)
          Attempts to set the Server singleton.

Uses of Server in org.bukkit.command

Methods in org.bukkit.command that return Server
 Server CommandSender.getServer()
          Returns the server instance that this command is running on

Constructors in org.bukkit.command with parameters of type Server
SimpleCommandMap(Server server)

Uses of Server in org.bukkit.entity

Methods in org.bukkit.entity that return Server
 Server Entity.getServer()
          Gets the Server that contains this Entity

Uses of Server in org.bukkit.plugin

Methods in org.bukkit.plugin that return Server
 Server Plugin.getServer()
          Returns the Server instance currently running this plugin

Constructors in org.bukkit.plugin with parameters of type Server
SimplePluginManager(Server instance, SimpleCommandMap commandMap)

Uses of Server in

Methods in that return Server
 Server JavaPlugin.getServer()
          Returns the Server instance currently running this plugin

Methods in with parameters of type Server
protected  void JavaPlugin.initialize(PluginLoader loader, Server server, PluginDescriptionFile description, File dataFolder, File file, ClassLoader classLoader)
          Deprecated. This method is legacy and will be removed - it must be replaced by the specially provided constructor(s).

Constructors in with parameters of type Server
JavaPlugin(PluginLoader loader, Server server, PluginDescriptionFile description, File dataFolder, File file)
          Deprecated. This method is intended for unit testing purposes when the other constructor cannot be used.

Its existence may be temporary.

JavaPluginLoader(Server instance)

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